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Big Pond, NS B1J 1T1

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Cruise Ship Guests

A deposit of $100 USD is required for reservations made in advance. If the boat does not dock, a full refund will be applied. Please note that there is a minimum of four guests required to leave the dock. Passengers may feel free to recruit individuals to join their tour to reach the required minimum of people.

Bad Weather

While we cannot control what the weather does, we can control how we spend time in it! Blackwood Tours is equipped to show you what is most amazing about Cape Breton in all types of weather. We will do what we can to make you comfortable!

Cancellation Notices

Cancellation one week prior to your tour date you will receive a full refund. Cancellation 24-48 hours prior to your tour date (in writing ) 50% refund. If your ship does not dock a full refund will be returned to you.


Taxes, fees, and admissions are included in the tour pricing.